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“In the space between archaeology and history stand men like Scott Jordan, a New Yorker who has been digging around the city’s soil for the better part of four decades. What began as a childhood hobby searching for treasure evolved into a way of life that has resulted in Jordan haunting building sites throughout the five boroughs, attempting to recover history before it is forever paved over. Using shovels, mesh sieves, canvas rucksacks, ingenuity and an incredible amount of determination, Jordan has amassed a staggering collection of antique bottles, china, toys, shoes and other items that creates a patchwork historical narrative of New York City and its earliest settlers.”—From the publisher.

We can honestly say this book is one of our proudest moments as a studio. Scott Jordan’s collection of objects dug up from the dirt of New York City is simply fascinating, and J.K. Putnam’s photography is stunning. We were completely inspired to work with this material and it shows in the results. We kicked our own asses to design this book because we think its a must-have.

Author: Scott Jordan
Photographer: J.K. Putnam
Design: The MVA Studio
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher

Hardcover, 128 pages, 7 × 8″


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