Live What You Love Letterpress Print in Yellow (Free Shipping)

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Live What You Love Letterpress Print in Yellow (Free Shipping) from Heartfish Press
Live What You Love Yellow
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This is a “Live What You Love” 5th edition print in YELLOW. It is limited to only 50 prints.

It is in 8×10 inches, letterpressed by hand using vintage wood type blocks on 110lb, 100% cotton Lettra Pearl White paper with soy-based ink – means it’s very eco-friendly!

Shown is in 8×10 frame (US Standard – you can find it anywhere in US) and it fits perfectly. Frame is NOT included.

Stamped my Japanese symbol as a signature on the back and also numbered on the back.

*Due to hand printing nature, each print is slightly different so your print would definitely be one of a kind and it might look a little bit different from the picture.

Shipped with durable photo mailers (about 9.75×12.25 inches) marked as “DO NOT BEND” via 1st Class USPS.

For Canada, it’ll be $2.50 more and everywhere else in the world, it’ll be 5 dollars more for shipping.


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out of stock