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The i-wood 3B
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Introducting the All New i-wood 3B. For all the times you would rather stab someone in the eye than talk about 3G anything.

With our exclusive 3B (3 Bamboo) technology, fast connection speeds, support for those of us who live in reality, and our all new applications, i-wood is the all-in-one solution you have been looking for. It will help you redefine you relationships with people by showing them how truly irrtating they, and their portable devices, have become.

The all new i-wood 3B is designed with the environment in mind. The body is made of sustainable bamboo plywood, we use only water-based inks and also use EarthFirst Bio Degradable bags. So now not only will you be able to show up those jerks with their metal and plastic devices, you can look 100% environmental and smug while you do it.


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