Fruit bowl '128' | cardboard


Fruit bowl '128' | cardboard from SEMdesign
Fruit bowl '128' Carboard
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This fruit bowl is handmade by gluing 128 different pieces of recycled cardboard together.

Because of the different levels in the fruit bowl you will be able to ‘play’ with the pieces of fruit and the space in the bowl.
For instance, if you have only one apple left, you can put it on ‘the top shelf’ of the bowl. By doing this, the bowl will still seem full!

Finishing touch: the fruit bowl is made water- and dirt resistant by a water based impregnation.
Size: 38 × 30 × 15 cm | 15″ × 12″ × 6″
Weight: 780 gram | 1,7 lbs

Click here to see a short movie about how we made this fruit bowl!


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