Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet


Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet from MaaPstudio
Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet by MaaPstudio
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Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet Bangle Turquoise Green Color With Delicate Flower Decoration

The band are made with turquoise green stained porcelain clay beautifully contrasting with immaculate white flower decoration.The bracelet is left unglazed which gives a wonderful, satin matte surface.Fired in the very high temperature to ensure they are robust.
Each bracelet is carefully crafted by hand,there are no two pieces exactly the same!

All my items are delivered in a beautiful, pastel jewellery boxes, ready to give to someone special or to keep for yourself.

Available sizes:
Medium – Inner Diameter 6.50 cm, 2.55 inches

Bangle Width 1.50 cm,

The porcelain bracelet can be cleaned by using a soapy water on a soft brush over the surface.


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