Founded in 2007, Supermarket has always been a designers’ marketplace. It began in Brooklyn with world class artisans and continues to attract the most talented makers and connect them with discerning customers and fans.
Almost 10 years later, Supermarket serves hundreds of artists and designers and fosters a design-inspired community.  With the “maker” movement now in full swing, there are certainly many more “marketplaces” today than when we started. And now, selling on your own site is so simple compared to 10 years ago! 
And yet designers continue to seek out Supermarket as a premiere venue to showcase their products and connect with art loving customers. Do you want to be a Supermarket designer?  
The unique and novel products offered on Supermarket attract a certain type of customer. Discerning. And customers have found Supermarket all over, including GQ Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Lucky Magazine, the Today Show.  Our customers care where their purchase comes from. Who made it. How it’s crafted. They want these products for themselves and they want the gifts they give to matter.  
One customer finds the perfect onesie for a nephew’s baby shower.
An executive picks thoughtful gifts for her staff members. 

With an extraordinary selection and dedicated customer service, customers come back to Supermarket to find that perfect gift for every occasion. 
We're excited to launch this new phase of Supermarket - rooted in a history of inspired design, and now built on a platform for a modern and powerful ecommerce experience. This makes for a beautiful venue for designers and a superior experience for customers. Happy discovering, connecting and shopping!