New Queen Bee necklace!


The newest in the Rachel Pfeffer Honeycomb Collection, this statement making necklace will sweeten up any outfit! Handmade out of sterling silver.


Blue Diamond Ring!


I’m pleased to introduce you to the first ever blue diamond ring to ever grace the Rachel Pfeffer line.


Cascading Hoops Earrings


You’ll never want to take these new earrings off!


Drop of Lime Juice Ring


New Drop of Lime juice Nest Ring featuring a bright and shiny green peridot cabochon! One of a kind, so act fast!


New Clothesline Necklace!


Take a peek at my newest design, the Brass and Silver Clothesline Necklace! Each tiny piece of laundry was hand pierced and polished by me! You can almost feel the warm summer breeze drying the clothes when you wear it.