R&L Blank Canvas Line


As much as we LOVE patterns and prints and color and texture around here, sometimes the visual equivalent of toast + butter can really hit the spot.


Introducing randLCanvas+Piano Nobile


Check out our new and oh-so limited edition notebooks and cardcases at Chikabird/randL.

A fresh collaboration with Piano Nobile Textile Studio that bodes well for things to come in 2010!


SALE on randL+Slow Loris books and wallets!


Reduced prices just in time for Christmas!


Meet Mr. Denim


I know he may look a little plain on the outside, but Mr. Denim has a great hand. Durable, accommodating, and classic. Sigh….


Who's that handsome devil?


Chikabird/randL welcomes the newest member to their unisex jogger lineup. A Woodgrain Jellyfish – to complete your Winter wardrobe, or that of a lucky someone on your list.

Plus a new low price to make the “add to cart” button easier to click. Click!