The All New i-wood on CNET


The i-wood is our brand new product that lets those around you know that you don’t care about their electronic devices, you just want to go back to a world where conversations came with eye contact. If you want to read more, we just got a nice write up on CNET that you can read here

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Wild 2009 Calendars


Sweet Mother Nature! Look at all these animals dressed up in the most unnatural of outfits… other animals.

Now you can enjoy them all year round with the brand new Wild Animals as Farm Animals 2009 calenders. Make sure and buy yours today.

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Thou Shall Covet


Everyone loves cute and evil but I didn’t know that my cards would actually inspire a website to commit one of the 7 sins.

However, the folks over at are well on their way to Coveting the 100% Cute, 100% Evil cards and much more.



Cute Little Things Doing Evil Little Things


I just posted a bunch of lovely little cards. Well they are lovely if you enjoy looking at cute little things doing evil little things. There are three of the cutest little things to choose from so come to my brand new store and share the love… or share the hate with whom ever your choose. Just click right here —> I love evil.


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