Daisy Necklace


Remember those well spend summer days making a necklace from freshly picked daisies?
OOOMS has designed a necklace that will recall this childhood memory. The necklace consists of 14 K gold plated flowers that can be connected by lacing their stems.

Description: Necklace – 14K Goldplated flowers
Dimensions: Ø 18 cm / 7.1 inch – containing 10 daisies
Design: OOOMS


Glassbulb Lamp


The Glassbulb Lamp by OOOMS is a lamp shaped like a wineglass. This atmospheric lamp is the perfect lighting for those long romantic evenings accompanied by a nice Bordeaux. The LED’s inside will shine for over 30.000 hours, so that’s around 10 years of romance at night!

Description: Pendant lamp / 60 LED
Dimensions: 24 x Ø 7 cm / 9.4 x Ø 2.8 inch
Specifications: warm white / 4.0 watt / lifespan 30.000 hours / dimmable
Included: 200 cm black electricity cable

Please note: only available in 220 Volt!


Puzzleboard XL


Thanks to all the positive responses to our original Puzzleboard we decided to introduce a chunkier version.

The surface of this extra large wooden board makes it a very versatile kitchen utensil. It can be used as a cutting block, as a serving tray or a plate for a special course. Connecting more pieces together will create a great presentation on every dinner table.

Description: Cutting board, Beech wood (FSC certified)
Dimensions: 41 × 25 × 2.8 cm / 16.4 × 9.8 × 1.1 inch


TSP money clip


The TSP money clip from OOOMS is a 14K gold-plated money clip made from reclaimed teaspoons. Each money clip is a tangible document of a special event, a historic location or a memorable time period. These forgotten pieces of heritage can now be re-admired in every day use.

Description: Money clip / 14K gold-plated
Dimensions: 6 × 2.5 × 1 cm / 2.4 × 1 × 0.4 inch (sizes may vary)


Ffrash project Jakarta


OOOMS has been invited to co-operate in a project to help former street children in Jakarta, Indonesia.
This eco-project is called Ffrash and is initiated by Gina Provo Kluit, a Dutch woman who is currently living in Jakarta.

The main assignment for OOOMS was to design a collection of interior products, by re-using waste material. Besides that we had to train the former street children and teach them how to make these products. One of the goals was to improve their workshop skills and teach the youngsters the principles of design and entrepeneurship. By doing this they have a better chance to find a job when they leave the shelter.

At our first visit to Jakarta in August 2012, we noticed there is a tremendous amount of trash filling the streets and clogging the city’s sewer system. During these two weeks we’ve visited many interesting and sometimes smelly sites of the city. We also conducted a one day creative workshop at KDM, to get an idea of what to expect in January. To make a long story short; we learned a lot that day! Most of our other time we spend collecting as much information as possible about the different waste materials.

Back at our studio we used all our spare time to work on the project. We executed many experiments involving plastics, glass, metal, microwave ovens, blenders and blowtorches. When we had to leave for Jakarta in January we had a number of concepts and ideas, and a flexible mindset for the unexpected.

Its been a great experience with many challenges and surprises, but already a success on its own. We’ve bought machines, set up the workshop, made prototypes and trained the youngsters. The selected youngsters make a great team and rarely have we seen such enthusiasm and motivation!

Information about when and where the products will be available can be found on
You can also support the project by ‘liking’ its facebook page,

The profit generated by the sales of the products will be used to support KDM, the shelter that provides the street children a home, education, attention and much more. This is also the place where the workshop has been set up.

A more extensive selection of photo’s of this project can be found on the OOOMS facebook page,