Salt & Pepper Shaker 'icosa' from Club88inc
Persian Deer plate from John Murphy
Health- Ubuntu Baby Noonie Gift from Lalas Pequenos
Distorted flowerpot from Studio Lorier
Modern Design Bowl in Polygons- Green from Studio Lorier
Arms and Crafts PLATE (arms) from KRASZNAI ceramics
Sugarskull necklace from Missy Industry
Blaue Blume Milk jug -White with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design
Blaue Blume Tea cup -White with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design
Tall Cable knit ceramic cup - Ivory from Reshape Studio
Pencil Necklace from Georgia Varidakis Jewelry
I Heart Polaroid- Notebook from Misha Ashton Photography
Wally No.076 / small edition from DADADA studio
sewing machine buckle from Buncombe Buckles
Hand- Embroidered Moleskine Cahier from papermode
Curve wall mounted pet bed - Walnut from Akemi Tanaka