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New Limited Edition Face Planters


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NEW Hanging Air Plant Cradles™


NEW AIRPLANT CRADLES™ // Developed to showcase each air plant’s individual beauty, my new air plant cradles™ are the ideal balance between sculpture and functionality. Each cradle is completely hand crafted out of gorgeous unglazed natural terra cotta clay that is slow dryed for maximum strength and fired to 1945°. There is a hole in the center that measures approx 1 1/2" wide for securing your air plant if it has a bulb. They make a stunning display individually or in groups and can be hung on the wall, in a window or even outside (but remember to bring your plants in if it gets too cool). Now shipping!


Win This Hanging Pod Trio from Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio!


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Super new: Mudpuppy Hanging Air Plant Pods in Exquisite Silky Matte White


This glaze is quickly becoming my new favorite, not only does it look amazing, modern and sculptural but feels fantastic in your hands. You can view more images here


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Denver, Colorado

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