About ZulJewelry

Mini BIOI´m from the south of the world: the Patagonia, Argentina.Always the mountains, the forest and all that kind of strong nature had a huge influence to me.That influence is still my principal inspiring place.I've grown up in a artisan family, so my father teach me how work with my hands and metals.Then I leaved my town in Patagonia and moved to do my superior studies in another place in Argentina, Cordoba capital.I became graduated in Industrial designer in 2012 and decided to travel through Europe.I lived in Italy first and then moved to Belgium, Brussels, which is now my place.Here I started my own jewelry collection, always thinking about my original places of inspiration: the mountains and the forest of Patagonia.If you want to see more updates about my project, you are welcome to see and follow my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZUL-Jewelry/1504685293121858Thank you!*I can speak spanish, italian, french and english, you can choose your more comfortable language!