ZERO PER ZERO is a graphic design studio emerged from two different people coming together.A project themed on the cities of the world, and another project capturing and expressing daily lives of people ­ two projects meet, co-exist, and mix, giving birth to a new breed of graphic design.At ZERO PER ZERO, graphic design is a language of our own. We hope that the stories told in our language can reach, be understood and sympathized by different people at different places, and grow cultivated and polished for a long time to come. We are engaging in many experiments and challenges because we want to let the world know how fun, moving and happy graphic design can be fun.Current projects at ZERO PER ZERO revolve around the City Railway System series led by Ji-hwan Kim, and illustration works of Sol Jin. From a small studio in Seoul to the World, we transmit in the graphic language the small yet intricate daily lives of people opposite the expansive and diverse cities of the world. "www.zeroperzero.com":http://www.zeroperzero.com"mail":zeroperzero.studio@gmail.comAWARDS2009 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany / Silver / Germany2009 88th ADC award / Silver Cube / USA2009 D&AD award / IN-BOOK / UK2009 IDEA award / Silver / USA2008 iF communication design award / Gold / Germany2008 DFA(design for asia) / Grand award / Hong Kong