ZAHARA JADE is a socially conscious lifestyle brand with a vision to Heal Mankind 1 Conscious Product at a Time. It is our mission is to guide people in finding deeper meaning and purpose in their lives by rebalancing energy and centering within. Today the obvious discord of mankind, the routine "busy-ness", have led us as a collective society to be generally sick; the food we eat, the values we uphold, and the lifestyles we lead. People's general energy has become indistinct due to disconnection from our planet and essence, ailing mankind; depressed and without purpose. ZAHARA JADE's founder has gone to great lengths to seek out processes in the Far East which have been used for many thousands of years to heal such ailments, and use them in her designs and products. Using these ancient processes in the creation of ZAHARA JADE, our mission is to rebalance human beings' energy so that mankind may find centering within himself, may awaken, and realize his highest potential. When wearing ZAHARA JADE, it is possible to align mind-body-heart-soul, aligning energy, resulting in self-transformation, inner healing, centeredness, and connection with truth - contributing to global wellness. All products by ZAHARA JADE brand are hand-crafted and infused using ancient techniques in the Far East. Imbued with high vibration energy through these age-old processes, if used regularly and with intention, ZAHARA JADE will assist you in accessing higher states of self-realization otherwise inaccessible in every day life of the modern urbanite.*Fashion For Your Soul*We became well-known for our healing Jewelry, upholding a mission to Heal Mankind 1 Piece of Jewelry at a Time. As ZAHARA JADE's voice and mission evolves, we wish to share other sustainable, conscious items from highly talented designers who are themselves walking a path of Truth and creating all sustainable, eco-friendly products with energies of Love & Consciousness. It is of utmost importance that ZAHARA JADE protect the environment during production and manufacturing. All co-creators take an approach of non-attachment and do-no-harm, which adds good energy to the world. It is ZAHARA JADE's intention to bring this benevolent energy to the West, via our lines. Making aware, conscious choices in our purchases supports the planet, contributing to healing and uplifting of self and as a result, our soul's imprint.*Consciousness Is Sexy*Connecting with the truth of our nature and essence, or soul, we find we have all come from the same place of consciousness. We are all connected, we are all one. We are divine, gorgeous, shining beings who are beautiful, and sexy, in the most pure sense of the word. ZAHARA JADE supports Mankind in embodying their most Beautiful, Conscious selves by sharing our mission through our healing jewelry, conscious fashion, writing, film and all related work. ?

Please note that all products are hand-made with great care & detail. Most if not all products are one-of-a-kind, so photograph may not be exact piece shipped to customer. If there are specifications or questions please email us.ZAHARA JADE wishes to build long-standing, close, personal relationships with our customers. The jewelry and items are often very personal and touch people's lives. It is important to note that many pieces are made using an ancient process, combining metals for the purpose of spiritual aid & healing. This combination means the metals will tarnish/ turn color to look vintage over a short period of time. If you do not desire such a "look", please do not order these items, or please note that you may clean them with any bronze or brass cleanser to keep them the original color. However, they may not be returned for this reason & we do not accept negative feedback for this- as this is the primary feature of our jewelry.Returns & Exchanges: ZAHARA JADE considers exchanges only on a case by case basis. Customer must contact us within 14 days of receiving your purchase. Exchanges are only considered in cases of severe damage to an item, with photos and explanation of damage. Said item will be swapped out for the same item. Customer is responsible for shipping from home country back to ZAHARA JADE.Shipping: All orders under $75, postage $11.All orders above $75, free Int'l shipping. Expect 1-4 days processing time + 14-18 days shipping. Expedited shipping available on any item per request. Expedited shipping takes 4-6 days, costs $45 depending on location.