About vit ceramics

I grew up with a sewing machine in my bedroom. My grandmother was a dressmaker and my earliest passion was for textiles. I was always making things! After studying weaving in Sweden, I was putting myself through college, designing and making clothes, mostly from fabrics that I had screen printed. However, when I took a class in ceramics at the University of Washington, there was no turning back. I was hooked on clay!My first line of ceramics, "Kri Kri", is animated and whimsical. This brightly colored tableware is decorated with black, slip-trailed decorations. “VIT”, my second line: porcelain tableware, ceramic vases and lamps, is the opposite. VIT is simple and elegant with a Scandinavian sensibility. Available in 6 colors chosen to harmonize with food, flowers and foliage and detailed with thin white lines, VIT focuses more on form than on pattern.The first vases I made were bud vases that I designed for Barneys Japan. They wanted an item that could be given by a bridal pair to their guests, a tradition in Japan. These early pieces were decorated in the Kri Kri style. Today, the vase collection, which has expanded, continues to grow with the VIT line. I am developing the popular organic shapes further in a range of lamps.Through my ceramics, I aim to bring warmth and beauty into the home with handmade objects made carefully and thoughtfully.

I do my best to ship orders as absolutely soon as humanly possible. Sometimes this might not be in 1-2 business days, But I will try and let you, the buyer, know when your order will be able to ship. If there is breakage in shipping from poor packing and you send me a photo of the item and box, I will replace it as soon as I can.I have tried to represent my products accurately in the photos, however, my ceramics are all made by hand and there can be slight variations in color when the work is fired.Each stripe is squeezed out of a tube by hand, not a machine, that is what gives each piece of VIT ceramics its hands on personal feel.If you are truely disappointed with what you receive, let me know and we can go from there. I would like all my customers to be satisfied.