Velity started as a dream. Dreams have become reality.Velity is a collaboration of artists that believe in chasing ideas, creating beautiful things, and appreciating life to the fullest. No waiting around for life to happen, they chase after it.Each concept is meticulously explored, discussed, drawn or photographed. Some ideas don’t always make it past concept, but when they do, we believe not only putting in hard work to deliver a beautiful product, but our hearts as well.We do not want just another item on the shelf to sell. We want our customers to feel like they are gaining a memory, an experience they can share with family or friends.Located in sunny San Diego, CA we gather inspiration from all around us. In our every day lives. Some folks might view daily duties as mundane, we see them as possibilities, opportunities, and lessons. Inspiration finds us through all sorts of avenues. In the bustle of the work day. In a night out with friends. In laughter and long lost love. A walk in the neighborhood. A run along the bay. A night alone with a good book and favorite whiskey.We want to share with you what we see, feel, experience, through our art and products. Always hand made, never by robots.Furnishings for life.

Returns and exchanges are accepted 30 days from receipt of goods in unused condition or in the case of damage at 100% of purchase price. Buyer must pay shipping costs. Please contact us first before returning or exchanging items.