About TwentyTwo Turtledoves

Hello there!Samantha here! I'm a graphic designer/web developer 40 hours of the week - and an ornament designer the rest of the time (give or take a few hours)!I've always been a crafty person. I used to make small polymer clay animals and beaded jewelry, but never came up with anything that I really _loved_. That's when TwentyTwo Turtledoves came along. The first Christmas that my (now) husband and I were together I found clear Christmas ornaments. I filled them with paint, and drew a pair of love birds on one as our first Christmas ornament. And that was it! I immediately fell in love with what I created. Now my growing shop has love birds, love cats, love dogs and much more!Many people ask me how I came up with the name TwentyTwo Turtledoves. Turtledoves are a true symbol of love - and highly recognized as the birds of love in the Christmas song '12 Days of Christmas.' At the end of the entire song, you'll have a total of 22 turtledoves. Christmas + Love = TwentyTwo Turtledoves