About Third Drawer Down

Inspired by the 60s pop art movement, Third Drawer Down launched four years ago with a collection of limited edition domestic linen that also doubled as collectible pieces of art. With the success of Third Drawer Down’s patronage, they expanded the line of linen by adding aprons and handkerchiefs (a.k.a. Artkerchiefs) to the mix. Third Drawer Down believes that by placing art into domestic environments it creates an accessibility, affordability and functionality that does not exist within the traditional art world, where art has no inherent use value. Contemporary artists are also no longer satisfied with being confined to a single medium to showcase their work– think Takahashi Murikami who infused Luis Vuitton handbags with anime inspired flowers, Tracey Emin who lent her much coveted quilting techniques to sew a line of Longchamp luggage, and famed fashion designer Zhandra Rhodes who transcribed her signature butterfly and wiggle prints on to a range of bone china. Third Drawer Down's collection features the carefully selected work of 60 contemporary artists from across the globe. The new range of linens is currently stocked in deign stores world-wide, including The Tate Modern, Hayward Gallery, MOCA (LA), The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Future Perfect, and The National Art Center in Tokyo. Each new design is available in a limited edition of 1000, environmentally screen printed on 100% linen, hand numbered, and packaged in Third Drawer Down’s trademark archival envelope.