About The Hello Poster Shop

The Hello Poster Show is a Seattle-based fundraising exhibition featuring silkscreened posters created by designers and artists from around the world. The show was founded in 2009 by "Benjamin K. Shown":http://benjamink.com and "Alanna MacGowan":http://thedyelab.com as an outlet for designers and artists to flex their creative muscles for a good cause.For each selected poster design, a limited run of 30 prints are lovingly silkscreened on high quality stock. All proceeds from poster sales are donated to charity. If you’re interested in joining our efforts or want to keep up to date on the latest show dates and locations, feel free to visit us at "hellopostershow.com":http://hellopostershow.com email us at hello@hellopostershow.com or follow us on "Facebook":http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-HELLO-Poster-Show/175322344040 and "Twitter @hellopostershow":http://twitter.com/#!/hellopostershow