About The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone has been built around a shared love of books, design, technology and ants. We believe that every individual is amazing to someone and our products are a way of letting that person know.And as you can add your own personal touches, each product - be it a personalised book, poster or card - has a high emotional value, ensuring it will be cherished. We've spent many a long night gathering curious facts, crafting copy (our databases go back to 1913) and working with a bunch of very talented artists, so that when you enter a few detail about someone, The Book of Everyone creates something beautiful that really celebrates that individual.It will also reveal a few things that they didn't know about themselves along the way; things like that they share 50% of their DNA with a banana, or that they now have an ant named in their honour at our antfarm. The words we live our life by are: make the world feel good one book at a time.

As all our products are personalised to that one very special person on the planet we can not replace or refund unless there's an issue with the quality of the product.