About Tamworth Farm Knits

Sally Struever and her husband Peter Eiermann run the Portland Maine shop Eli Phant, which specializes in handmade and independently-produced home goods and accessories.Sally has been going to Tamworth Farm in Blue Hill Maine her whole life to visit with her grandmother, Nancy Struever. Tamworth Farm is famous locally because of it's time as a dairy, delivering milk and cream in glass bottles all around the region (the cream tops are being used for hang tags on the pillows and inspired the logo).The sheep flock started with an orphaned pair of ewes that were taken on as "lawnmowers" in the early 70's soon after Nancy bought the farm. The flock has morphed and changed over the years, and has included a succession of rams of different breeds including Lincoln Longwool, Corriedale, and Merino. The result is an extremely diverse and colorful selection of sheep and wool with loads of character.Sally started getting involved in the shearing and processing of the fiber in 2005. Each year she handpicks a few of the fleeces for strength, color, luster, and fineness to take to Hope Spinnery where they are processed into yarn using natural and chemical-free processes.Each year's batch of yarn is a little different as a result of the fleeces and colors chosen and the variability of the spinning process. Because of this, each year's yarn will be used for a specific edition of products.In the fall of 2009, Sally bought her first knitting machine (a Brother 270 Bulky Machine). All of the 2008 Edition pillows are knit on this machine. This first machine has been joined by two more (a Brother 910 Electroknit and a manual Singer Bulky).Finishing:The pillows are all hand-finished, and include a 75/25 feather/down insert. The insert can be removed through a slit at the bottom which is closed with a simple whipstich (and should be simple enough to close back up!).Care:Hand wash in cool to lukewarm water using a wool wash such as Eucalan. Dry flat.