About Club88inc

We are small company founded in Tokyo,Japan dedicated to making high-quality, minimal design products at reasonable price.I founded the company in 2002 the difficulty of finding even basic products at local retailers.If I ever really want something that I cannot find, I make it myself.This mentality started when I was a child and has endured into adulthood. My motto is still "think with your hands".After graduating from art college, I became a furniture designer. As both a designer and a consumer, I have always favored products that possess three essential components: Function (well thought out design), beautiful Style, and Craftsmanship.Club88inc was established as a brand to reflect these three essential components.The 88 derives its meaning from two numbers. The first is eight. In countries that use Chinese script, the figure eight is thought to mean happiness. The second number is 18. The word for 18 also means someone's talent or strongest skill.We named our organization Club88inc because we wanted people associated with Club88inc to use their talents to make others happy. Through Function, Style, Craftsmanship, and "thinking with our hands", we can bring happiness to everyone, which also makes me happy.Twitter:@tai_club88Facebook: www.facebook.com/Club88inc

Please allow between 1 – 4 business days for your order to ship.PaymentPaypal is the preferred payment method.Wholesale:Please contact me for details.