About Stimulight - Urchin Chandeliers, Sconces, and Lamps

A visual display manager and an engineer, we started Stimulight because we saw a need for impactful, high quality, and affordable lighting designs. The two of us enjoy spending our free time designing and constructing custom pieces for our own place or for family. We also enjoy the challenge of recreating and improving designs that inspired us with the goal of executing designs more affordably. After a good bit of experimentation, we began to produce impactful showroom-quality designs at costs well below showroom prices.We enjoy working with many types of materials, and the latest work has led to the successful execution of an urchin-like chandelier. We find the juxtaposition of the light against nefarious spines to be particularly captivating. After hearing how much friends and family liked the urchin chandelier, we decided to experiment with different materials, bases, and types of lights for different designs. The items you see featured in our shop are the best products of our experimental triumphs. Thank you for visiting our shop and please feel free to send us a message.