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stellavie....is fascinated with a multitude of creative directions: graphic design, typography, interior and product design - in general: a love for details and surprising ideas...manufactures great product experiences for great people...is a design studio with great passion.

*SHIPPING*Wwe ship our products flat, non-assembled - due to lower shipping costs as well as the safety of the prdouct.6,90 EUR: For all deliveries within Germany8,90 EUR: For most deliveries within the European UnionAll other countries: 14,20 EUR*ORDER / PAYMENT INFORMATION*All products are currently to be paid upfront. In addition to the purchase price and shipping costs, custom taxes can occur.*RETURN SHIPMENTS*In case you need to return a product, please get in contact first: return@stellavie.com*GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS*By submitting your order you accept "our legal terms":http://www.stellavie.com/home/_share/_pdf/stellavie_agb_en.pdf - long read, fair content.