About smiling planet

Smiling Planet BPA FREE, SAFE, EARTH FRIENDLY PLATES & THINGS FOR KIDSSmiling Planet makes earth friendly plates & things for kids. Our prices are friendly too. We use safe, sustainable, recycled and organic materials because they’re good for the planet. We try to use less material whenever we can because that saves more for everyone else. We strive to manufacture with a “cradle to cradle” recycling ethos as opposed to the “use it once and throw it away” “cradle to grave” methods that need to change. Our products are made in the USA because this is our home and it lowers our carbon footprint compared to manufacturing abroad. Our light-hearted decorations celebrate the world and its diversity with the message that we are all connected and we need to cherish each other. Our designs make children smile and parents smile with them. We like to make smiles. Smiles are good for the planet too.MaterialsWe have carefully researched and chosen the materials we use to address the concerns of parents worried about product safety and the environment. Our plastics contain no BPA (bisphenol-A), no phthalates, no PVC, and no lead. they are 100 % recycled, 100% recyclable, or both. Our cotton is organic. Our paper is recycled. Our decorations comply with California proposition # 65, which has the most stringent anti-toxicity requirements of any state law. Our inks contain no lead, no mercury, no chromium and no cadmium, and whenever possible they are water-based and organic. As our name smiling planet indicates, “green” is our company policy. There is ongoing and exciting innovation in the world of eco-materials, and we will continue to use the best earth friendly materials as they evolve.Our earth friendly plates contain no BPA (Bisphenol-A), no phthalates, no lead, and no toxic inks. Independently tested safe, our plates are made from 100% recycled, high-grade polypropylene plastic. In a unique innovation, our designs are placed subsurface, so utensils won’t scratch them. The friendly price per plate is $12.99. Our earth friendly plates are 8” in diameter and have a 1” vertical side to keep food off the table. They are stackable, virtually unbreakable, and they are top rack dishwasher safe. Our recycled plastic is medical grade. we buy unused plastic scraps generated by the manufacturing process at a medical parts factory. We recycle those scraps into the raw material for our plates. medical grade polypropylene exceeds the FDA compliance standards for food contact. we know of no safer plastic. To complete the sustainability loop, in addition to being 100% recycled, our earth friendly plate is 100% recyclable for true “cradle to cradle” manufacturing. Recycled materials use far less energy than virgin materials. We manufacture in California USA because it lowers our carbon footprint compared to manufacturing abroad, and it keeps jobs at home. Our earth friendly plate doesn’t come in a box because it doesn’t need one, and using less leaves more for everything else.The FoundersOlivia Haviland and Freddy Deane are a husband and wife team with backgrounds in design, art, advertising, writing, and entertainment. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Olivia worked to create award-winning motion graphic sequences for movies, TV shows and commercials. The Haviland family has been making fine porcelain for over 150 years, so, with plates in her DNA, it was only a matter of time before Olivia decided to make some of her own. With Smiling Planet, she’s making her family tradition green. As a writer/illustrator who has written books and worked in movies, TV, and theatre, Freddy makes every decoration tell a story with a sense of whimsy and fun.t/(310)302 0080 f/(310) 302 0081 info@smilingplanet.net smilingplanet.net