About sMacVision

Hello, my name is Susan Mac. Originally from New England, I spent most of my school years moving, though longing to stay in one place. Now as an adult, I have finally done just that, settling in NYC, (Soho, Lower Manhattan) my home for more than a quarter century. Art and anything related to it has always been a love of mine, though incorporating photography in that came much, much later. I'm not sure why that is, however; capturing and documenting my fragmented life has always been of strong importance to me, and cameras are the perfect tool for doing just that.I take all the photos, and draw all the illustrations you see in my shop. Nothing originates from stock, or stolen images. (Unfortunately, as a seller of Art and Photography online, it is necessary to clarify this.) The tools I use include a variety of cameras, both film and digital, as well as a fun mix of artistic media (acrylics, oils, inks, pencils, etc.) used on an eclectic collection of canvases, both formal and makeshift. Often, my illustrations involve scanning the hand-drawn/painted artwork into the computer where they are then combined with a blend of digital painting and my photography (both digital and scanned film) in order to texturize and create new dimension for the piece. I founded sMacVision in 2004, and my work can be found in a variety of publications both in the US and abroad, including the Annual IPA Book, Photographer's Forum's Best of Photography Annual, Camera Arts Magazine, and Color Magazine. It has been used on album covers, been featured in galleries here in the U.S. as well as in Europe, and is held in private collections across four continents. I often walk the streets of my neighborhood at night with my cameras; if you would happen upon me and ask if I'm _holding_, I will assume you mean candy. And the answer will probably be "yes". Thanks for visiting the sMacshop, and sMac' ya very much!

'Shipping' I will be shipping First Class Mail domestically and internationally unless you prefer otherwise, in which case send me a message so that price can be adjusted. Insurance can be added if you request it of me before payment, and any other applicable taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Items will ship 1-3 days from the day payment clears my account. 'Payment:' Payment by PayPal is expected within 24 hours of your order. If you reside in the state of New York, please notify me of your order before paying so that I can send a proper invoice reflecting the sales tax, required by law. 'Refunds:' Should there be any problem with your order, allow me to fix it if possible; I want you to be happy! Also, let me know right away if you you need to return an item and I will gladly accept it and refund you the cost of the item less shipping. And finally, in the event that your item never arrives (ie; gets lost in the mail - unlikely, but in case) please contact me within a timely manner.