About Six Finger Studios

*Refining the Raw*After several years in the furniture business and being involved in both production and delivery, I noticed the unnecessary amount of waste created and began to conceive ways to utilize that waste. In the summer of 2008, I started making coat racks out of the wood left over from shipping materials and broken furniture otherwise left for the garbage. I fell in love with the idea of refining the raw and making the unwanted into something people desired. Shipping pallets became a major source of materials. They brought the character of old weathered wood to my pieces and provided a variety of woods which added to the uniqueness of each piece. Currently I have key and wine racks available as well as several coat rack designs. All pieces are hand made, hand painted and hand stamped with my own Six Finger Studios logo on the back."www.sixfingerstudios.com":http://www.sixfingerstudios.com

*SHIPPING*Items in inventory will usually ship FedEx ground within 1-2 days. All other items will take 2-4 weeks before shipment. Shipping materials are reused from local furniture stores. At the time of delivery, it is the customers responsibility to examine all boxes and to note damage. Any damage must be resolved directly with the carrier.*RETURNS AND EXCHANGES*If, for some reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact me within a week of receiving your item so that we can come to a equitable solution.