About silvercocoon

Named after our 1966 Airstream camper, my husband Souliyahn and I founded .silvercocoon. in 2001 as a means to execute our creative tendencies. Both deeply rooted in architecture, but with even deeper roots in art, we tend to see designed potential in most things. Based in the midwest in the prairie-metropolis, we understand the importance of being practical (in fact it is somewhat engrained in us) and that shows in our work across mediums: architecture, landscape, furniture, jewelry ... loading the dishwasher or shoveling snow. You could say we take a lifestyle-approach to design, and when it comes to jewelry that translates to warm wood, playful colors, grounded & organic forms, and a wearability that is suitable to the everyday or special occasion.I believe in the beauty of the everyday and it is my hope that with the simple addition of my jewelry your everydays will be a bit brighter ... -Tia Salmela Keobounpheng