About Short Army

Short Army hats are designed to keep you warm in battle, or you know, on your way to school. Our t-shirts will menace your enemies and impress your friends, and our other products are also very nice. Seriously. Join us on "twitter":http://www.twitter.com/shortarmy or "facebook":http://www.facebook.com/shortarmy . You can also feel free to contact me personally at:supermiri@shortarmy.com

Items can be returned or exchanged for the original purchase price within 30 days of purchase. If the item is somehow defective or not as described, please let us know immediately upon receipt of your merchandise so that we can rectify the issue. If you wait way too long, we'll just point and laugh at you... we might still help you out, though. That being said, we have yet to encounter a defective item, so go us! Please also note that we generally try to use the most affordable shipping options. This means that while we have delivery confirmation within the US, we cannot guarantee shipping internationally. Unless of course you want to pay $35 for shipping... just let me know. Returns, exchanges, gifts and love letters should be mailed to:Miri - Short Army144 Spring StreetNewport, RI 02840Thanks.