About RFRM Jewelry

From an early age, I was always drawn to old jewelry at craft shows, flea markets and street festivals. I took a few classes on Metalsmithing, where I learned all about soldering, stone setting and lost wax casting. As much as I loved it, I knew bringing home a torch wouldn't make mom happy.
I switched to wire-wrapping and found a new best friend. After learning the basic techniques, I spent years experimenting and evolving the craft into something that spoke to me and my interests. After much trial and error, I have a whole new collection of vintage inspired jewelry under the name RFRM _(pronounced Reform)_.
My intent with RFRM is to create jewelry that's interesting, impactful, edgy, timeless and memorable. Inspired by mixing vintage qualities with modern forms, this new collection uses rare materials from all over the world. Some designs include chains from the 1950s that were never worn.
Breaking the rules of tradition, RFRM jewelry is intended to be asymmetrical and can be rotated or reversed, giving you a number of gorgeous looks. It can be worn with most anything, used to dress up or go casual and it has a timeless quality that will make you look and feel oh so beautiful.