About ProjectSalvation

Last year my wife and I made the decision to take a break from our respective careers; mine as a Police Chief and hers as a Behavior Analyst. We are both veterans of the US Military and combined, have over 40 years working in both law enforcement & behavioral health. I began making small projects in our garage. Growing up I learned a great deal of carpentry skills from my father and grandfather and even still use many of the same tools that were handed down to me. My wife has always loved to design, restore and create furnishings for our home. Friends and family began seeing my designs and started requesting we create various items for them. The requests continued to grow and continue today. My wife recently made the decision to remain the design team we have recently become rather than returning to the only careers we have ever known. That being said, our respective careers have played a profound part in who we are as individuals, how we are as a husband and wife team, and how we view humanity. Throughout our careers, we have seen both the best and worst of humanity. Every item we sell is made using materials that have been thrown out, discarded, broken, or donated. Our shared objective is to show the profound beauty that can be found in items which would otherwise be discarded.The idea being that each finished piece would; in some small way, represent a recurring scenario we have both seen many times throughout our respective careers; lives broken & lifeless. Our designs are reclaimed and salvaged in the truest since of the word; what was once lifeless now has life, the broken has been mended, the dirty has been cleaned, the flaws; now treasured assets. Thus the creation of ProjectSalvation. Each piece has a story and a journey; one that we feel responsible for sharing. Every item we sell is accompanied with an ORIGINS OF MATERIALS summary documenting its journey from Trash to Treasure. Our hope every day is that we are able to continue this journey. We hope you love our designs as much as we enjoy creating them. We love custom orders!

Every piece we sell is unique and custom designed; therefore, all of our items are sold "as-is" and considered a final sale. However, your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We put our heart into every piece we create and want you to love your Project Salvation piece. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. Should any piece be damaged or broken upon receipt; we will issue a full refund.