About Pooka Queen

*About Me*Michigan made, I have know since childhood that being an artist would be my walk through life. From sewing to metal smithing to furniture making, I have a love for all artistic mediums and do not shy away from learning new techniques and materials. I graduated from College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a BFA in Crafts and left there with a drive to succeed as a professional artist. Since graduating, I have made fashion my main focus but always create with the mindset that fashion is a form of art.*Pooka Queen* came into existences when industrial felt met my hands for the first time. The potential in this one material to take form like paper and manipulate into anything I could conceive, sparked my creative drive and introduced me to a whole new realm. Most familiar to me are the techniques of metalsmithing, which are often rigid and slow processes. I found refreshing reward in felt’s ability for effortless transformation. Often inspired by sculptural forms found in architecture and nature, one can find in *Pooka Queen*, squids, sting rays, octopus, armadillos, peacocks, shields, and even the Guggenheim after a trip to Bilboa Spain. With each piece, I try to include elements that make it exclusive, whether it be a rare vintage button or the hand touch of dying and painting the wool myself. My discovery of millinery has allowed me to share my visions as well as giving people a way of self expression. All Made with care and love Brianna KenyonTo see past and present work, go to "www.pookaqueen.com"