About Pony Attack!!

Can a t-shirt save your life? What kind of question is that?Of course it can.Is there anything better than PUPPY LOVE? Do you remeber your first kiss? Was it stoops?When was the last time you laughed so hard you maybe pee'd a little?Can a T-SHIRT do that?If you had a dog would you make it wear human clothes against its will?Do you find it strange that almost all vegetarians smoke?If Elvis is the King of Rock N' Roll, and Michael Jackson the King of Pop, does that make Pony Attack!! the King of T-Shirts?FUCK YESIf you don't wear Pony Attack!! you will be naked.If you don't wear one, you may never meet your soul-mate.If you take the "R" out of SHIRT it says SHIT.Flame retardant, it makes it own kind of music. It can solve puzzles.It knows the secret ending to LOST.It has approved gay marriage.It knew Barack would be the nominee before the primaries. Everybody is selling something. Why not be selling PONY ATTACK!!?Start wearing it now. Wear it now before it becomes huge and is sold at TARGET and HOT TOPIC.And you can say "I used to wear that stuff before it got all played out"And when US magazine has pictures of Heidi and Spencer wearing it and it's listed in "OUT" you can say "WOW" they're so busted.For complete look book, horrid kareoke videos and more information visit us at www.thisisponyattack.com