About pio

rachel ann lavin grew up in ny. she loves ny, but she loves warm weather even more. she's lived in atlanta, providence, boston, portland(oregon), salamanca, spain, san miguel de allende, mexico, san cristobal de las casas, mexico, and guadalajara, mexico, and now calls austin, texas, home -- specifically, a lovely neighborhood called bouldin that's full of trees and lots of creative, quirky people. she originally learned jewelry-making in san miguel in mexico and then took classes in portland, oregon and at penland school of crafts in north carolina; she continues to expand her arsenal of techniques in austin with classes at austin community college. she loves the juxtaposition of the femininity of floral forms with the industrial processes facilitated by computer aided design. she also loves vietnamese summer rolls and iced coffee, her cat bolillo, and getting mail. she hopes that you like her work, which she creates, for the most part, late at night in her sweet little home studio. everything will be packaged in a lovely way; let me know if it's a gift please! and i'll be sure to gift-wrap extra-nice.