About peseta

beautiful textile products seen from the outside as well as from the inside. there´s nothing cute made without respect. peSeta strives to produce locally (madrid, spain) while respecting the environment without sacrificing art or function. design and production are equally important. peSeta wants to make comfortable and aesthetic products. the designs are original and multifunctional, like the backpack that turns into a bag or a shoulder. the owner contributes with his own creativity.apart from collections and special limited series, peSeta loves doing collaborations with other brands, artists, etc. for example Marc Jacobs, Lomography or Loreak Mendian.

if you want to change or return your order, you have 30 days after the shipping and the product must be in perfect state. write us at peseta@peseta.org or dial +34 915 211 404 and we´ll tell you what to do.the product must be in perfect state and you will have to take care of the shipping back.