About ostra berdo

creator, destroyer, sustainer of bodily magic.Ostra Berdo is less of a designer name and more of a magic brace. Inspired by the juxtaposition of minimalism, nature and geometry, this ever-involving line launched in 2012 reconstructs the discipline of the self in an organic and antithetic manner. Each object is meticulously worked by hand somewhere in Northern Transylvania. But since magic happens everywhere, you might as well have reached the right place.

*ITEMS WILL BE PROCESSED A DAY AFTER THE PAYMENT*Since all items are handmade, by request, add 2-5 days for us to operate the shipping.Some items can be shipped the next day, just message us for details.*REFUND IS EASY*If you don't like what you get, then items can be refunded, minus the shipping and the customs taxes.*DAMAGED ITEMS*Poor things.Most of them they can be repaired free of charge, except for the shipping fee, depending on the complextity of the damage.*LOST AND FOUND*We can deliver by regular post, with tracking, so you can always keep an eye on where your little triangles are headed until they get to you. Some make quite a journey. But if delivered without tracking they might be lost forever and cannot be refunded.*GIFT OPTIONS*(my favorite part)Items will arrive in packages as shown.If an additional gift wrap is required, message us and we'll look for something nice.For additional gift cards, tell us the message you want to send along. Keep it short though, we'll type them on nice cards (some pictures on that are soon to come).*HANDMADE*As said before, most parts are handmade (except for small chains), so there can be minor differences between the items.*SHIPPING*Some pieces are available for ship the next day. However, message us about that. Multiple products take longer to finish, so expect delays if you order more than one.Discounts may be avalable for multiple products orders.Customs charges are possible with some countries.