About Obsessive Consumption

Kate Bingaman-Burt makes her painfully mundane purchases, well, irresistible or at least gives us something to make us feel less self-conscious about how frequently we spend to fill the void.She is Obsessive Consumption.Obsessive Consumption started in 2002 when Kate decided to photograph all of her 
purchases and in turn created a brand out of the process to package and promote. She is currently hand drawing all of her credit card statements until they are paid off. She also draws something she purchases each day along with making piles of work (zines! pillows! photographs! dresses! buttons! more drawings!) that all fit into this brand she's built which mocks her own relationship with her purchases.more: http://www.obsessiveconsumption.comhttp://www.whatdidyoubuytoday.com

I ship out orders every friday!