About Modular Furniture System

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Modular Furniture System is that it wasn't made to be sold. It was made as a solution to an interior design problem first, and as a product second. At its core, this is what I think you will appreciate the most. The product design to fill void. It all started at home. My bedroom had an impractical space in dire need of efficient clothing storage. The missing piece sent me hunting high and low. I was looking for flexibility and functionality but wound up trying to force-fit shelving systems. These were neither of the right height, nor had the flexibility I needed.Being an engineer, with a background in men’s apparel, I was inevitably led down the path of making sustainable, modular and made-to-measure furniture. Creating the components and building out my first storage solution immediately slowly made me realize others could benefit from the shelves. When the first completed unit showed exactly the kind of flexibility I understood was missing, my supportive family and friends encouraged me to make it into a product.-- Håkan Bruce, Modular Furniture Systems Founder -- The Modular Furniture System is available in the following ways:* Ready made furniture - shelves, chairs and interior items.* Components in a bag - for those who like to tinker on their own.* As a made-to-measure service - for those who need a custom design.The Modular Furniture System is intended for both domestic and office environments. We cater to both individuals and institutions.

If you're not happy with a product ordered from Modular Furniture System, you are free to return it within 30 days and we'll refund the order - no questions asked!