About Metal Sugar

Deliciously Original Jewelry made in Brooklyn, NY *Metal Sugar makes use of a variety of materials, including eco-friendly metals and natural gemstones, as well as found objects meant to represent an always evolving range of interests and influences. Melissa finds the wit, cuteness, appeal, and evocative depth in the unexpected. Her delicate pieces often make you lean in to see what they really are; a striking and out of the ordinary creation sparked by her travels, childhood nostalgias, food, friends, love, music, and most of all, her seriously adorable pets.

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*ORDERING*Most of my items are made to order and are shipped out under 2 weeks. Just email me if you're curious how long a particular item should take to get to you!I'm a fast shipper!!!

*SHIPPING*Domestic-So your order never gets lost, all domestic packages are mailed First Class with Delivery Confirmation.

*International*-Unfortunately tracking international packages is extremely expensive, so unless you explicitly ask me for tracking and pay the extra charges, your package will always be mailed Air Mail First Class. The other options are Priority or Express (extra shipping charge). Buy at your own risk if you don't ask for special shipping.

*TAX IN NEW YORK*New York orders are subject to sales tax-don't worry, it won't be much!

*GIFTS*Please let me know if you'd like your purchase to be sent to someone else. I always send my pieces out in style, with a cute gift box or bag. If you want something personal written on a card to them, I can make it happen!

*RETURNS AND EXCHANGES*You may return an item within 14 days of receipt for a store credit or refund of full price minus shipping (as long as piece in original condition with packaging intact). I will refund you once I've had a chance to inspect the item. *The only exception is if you ordered a ring in the size you gave me and later realized you wanted a different size. I cannot accept those returns, but I can fix for a small fee. Just contact me.

If a chain or clasp has broken, just mail it back and I'll take care of fixing it right away. Anything outside of this can be discussed and I'm sure we can work something out.