MATTERIAL is a product line created by designers, for designers and other thinking persons. The principle artifact is paper and we create grids, layouts, and aides for system thinking in any discipline in the form of journals and tablets (pads). These products are made by the design studio MATTER and are the latest expression of our PBD (printed by Designers) paradigm. They are available in a variety of formats and paper grades we encourage you to test run a variety of our tools.These are simple feel-good appliances, aides, and documents all waiting for the opportunity to be important. Paper 2.0.All of our paper is recycled, Our packaging is primarily reused from existing packages, Our product is recyclable and re-useable. And lastly, it is not made in China. Although many things are, for us there is a production ethic and in that ethic, we benefit from our community by working in a national (US) framework for labor, materials, and production. It lets us improvise and create limited edition tools, and test new ideas in short order. Remember, designers work here and make this stuff. So for us-not China, not ever. We hope you support this ethic.