About Made With Molecules by Raven Hanna

I'm a scientist-turned artist, sharing my love of science with the world.

In my line of molecule-inspired sterling silver jewelry, I've chosen molecules that have clear impact on our lives. I started with neurotransmitter molecules, like serotonin and dopamine, that affect our mood and emotions, and have added other favorites, like caffeine, estrogen, and theobromine (chocolate). Since there are so many amazing molecules, my collection continues to expand!

I make my pieces, firstly, aesthetic, appropriate for even non-science nerds. And I make them accurate enough to please the science nerds!
All of my pieces come in a recycled gift box with a little tag describing a bit about the molecules that inspired the design. Perfect for gift-giving.

I live in the rain forest in rural Hawai'i and work in my home studio, in a solar powered, off-grid sugar cane shack. I've given up bench science, but still stay in touch with current science through science writing. I consider that and my jewelry to be complementary aspects of a science communication career.

I am so pleased that my offerings have found a niche. So many people appreciate my designs as modern symbols. And, in this hectic, modern world, we can all use a little extra serotonin.

Cortisol-free returns: I'm happy to accept returns of unused items within 2 weeks of delivery. Please contact me before returning. Thank you!