About lovinganvil

PLEASE READ: we are away from our studio until late august! drop us a line before ordering to discuss timelines!! thanks! xoxococoPrincipal designer - Coco Corral, with guinea pig and contributor, husband Gil Corral. and Miss CV inspires and assists and provides tons of love and tickles.lovinganvil was founded in 1998 in Portland, Oregon. Trained both in the east coast (Rhode Island School of Design) design sense, and the west coast (University of New Mexico) design sense. Moved to Portland, Oregon in the early 90’s and further shaped our design sense as well as a social and eco consciousness. ?We worked hard and had a ton of fun in the young, burgeoning Portland fashion scene. Were involved in the first two Portland Fashion Incubator shows, various boutiques and early renegade shows with Seaplane, Cargo, and Motel. lovinganvil developed a following for heartfelt, unconventional and completely custom wedding rings. Relocated to southern Maine in 2005. Now, we are a small design house, working out of an 1880 barn in southern, coastal maine. Our pieces play between appreciation of clean, orderly geometry and a love of and commitment to the hand hewn. ??We love the unexpected, the tongue-in-cheek, and overstating the obvious. Also love custom orders and working with people, and we’re quite adept at calming down crazed, stressed-out brides. loving anvil was featured in sportswear international and accessories, the magazine! so very pleased and excited about that. and as always, thank you to you lovely, lovely bloggers spreading the word. word.we can do anything. and i don't mean that in a goofy-affirmation-poster-seize-the-day kind of way. i mean it that anything can be tweaked or resized or modified to get closer to your master vision of your dream accessory. any word or phrase can be put on a ring or necklace, etc. there are some words and phrases i won't do, but if you find those out, i'd suggest some kind of anger management therapy.