About loricards

I am an artist and an art teacher. I tell stories through my art, about my life and the people in it. I designed loricards based on my life, my experiences, and the emotions that come with those experiences. My drawing are figurative, but have been simplified, and the lines stylized, to illustrate the idea that who we are, and what we feel, has little to do with the body we walk around in. And, if we were able to express ourselves from the inside out ... what would our bodies look like? I created an entire line called loricards with basic life themes of love, friendship, humor and life. The link is loricards.com Each design is hand drawn and can also be customized with dates, names, etc. I also do wedding invitations with customized designs. I create enlarged versions of the cards on canvas, as well as enlarged versions in ink washes. I design these cards, and continue to create new designs, as I raise my two boys with my husband in upstate New York.