About Little King's

Welcome to Little King's. Unique, handmade baby - children shoes from the Netherlands. Sofie Mathilde Koning, shoe designer and certified of crafting handmade shoes, baby and children's shoes under the label Little King's The shoes are completely made by hand from soft, natural materials, such as lamb or calf leather, but sometimes felt or fabric. Because they are handmade, each pair is unique! An original baby shower gift or just for pampering your child. Some shoes are very audacious: little sneakers, some quite lovely: mini ballerinas! The site contains some examples but the possibilities are endless. All kinds of color combinations are available. If you are looking for shoes for a special occasion such as baptism, wedding or other big important or nice party, I can make whatever you want. The shoes are a nice variety for baby socks, but are also ideal to take the first steps into te world. How to order the right size: 1. Let your baby wear socks or tights, because that will make a difference. 2. Press a piece of paper on to the sole of the foot of your baby. 3. Make a mark at the heel and another at the front part of the biggest toe. 4. Measure the distance between heel and toe in centimeters. 5. Look at what sizes are available and choose: Size 1: 0-6 Months 9-10cm Size 2: 6-12 Months 10-11cm Size 3: 12-18 Months 11-12cm Size 4: 18+ Months 12-13cm (for bigger or smaller sizes please contact me) I use these sizes because worldwide confection sizes always differ. Therefore it’s better to know the exact number of cm, so you can order the right size. Example: Your baby’s foot is 10cm from heel to biggest toe. Your baby can wear a size 2. Size 2 is for a 10cm foot that can grow to a 11cm foot. But you can order size 3 if you want some extra space for your child to grow into. Stand out in the Crowd... See you with Little King’s!

General Terms and conditions Sofie Mathilde Koning General General General terms of sale, payment, and delivery by Sofie Mathilde Koning. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 5319985. These terms and conditions apply to all brands covered by Sofie Mathilde Koning. Sofie Mathilde King designs and produces shoes. Little King's is a brandname for baby- and children's shoes that belongs to Sofie Mathilde Koning Design and Order Sofie Mathilde Koning always makes a design for handmade shoes in consultation with the customer. This concerns the shoes under the brand name Sofie Mathilde Koning. The customer is, after written or oral commitment, obliged to buy the product. For Little King’s: After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation as soon as possible, containing your specified choices, including product choice, price, tax and shipping costs. Prices and reservation The prices you get include Tax and shipping costs. Sofie Mathilde Koning uses the shipping prices of TNT Post. For further information: see www.postnl.nl Packages are initially sent by regular mail, unless otherwise specified by the customer. Payment and delivery, exchange, returning and canceling When placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions by Sofie Mathilde Koning. For handmade shoes made by order, you will need to pay a deposit of Euro 300,- per order. For Little King’s: After payment the shoes will be made and delivered as soon as possible. After receiving the delivery the customer has 7 days to change his or her mind about the product. After this period, the sale is final and exchanging is no longer allowed. An order can be cancelled, for whatever reason, within 24 hours after receiving the order, by e-mail. Products cannot be returned because they’re handmade. Exchanging Little King’s is allowed in consultation with Sofie Mathilde Koning. Exchanging concerns: the products may not have been used and must be in original condition and packaging by returning. If you want to exchange a product you have to notify Sofie Mathilde Koning in the 7 days after receiving the product, by mail. The shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer. The customer is responsible for the shoes and the risk of shipping the product back to Sofie Mathilde Koning. After return shipment, Sofie Mathilde Koning will send you a new product within 14 working days. Everything has to be done in consultation with Sofie Mathilde Koning. Sofie Mathilde Koning can always decline an order when it is damaged or not in original state. Products that were on sale cannot be exchanged. No refunds will be made. * Only for online orders Liability Sofie Mathilde Koning can in no way be held responsible for the damage with occur to the customer, by the products. If there is a big problem or a mistake that will make the shoes un-wearable, Sofie Mathilde Koning will replace the item. Little King's (baby and children's shoes) should always be worn under adult supervision due to choking hazard. Sofie Mathilde Koning is not responsible for any loose parts. The shoes should be handled responsible. Sofie Mathilde Koning cannot guarantee for colour deviations from the ordered articles. This may dependable on the settings of your computer screen or to what is in stock at the suppliers. Please notice that models always may differ from the pictures shown on the website. Privacy statement If you have placed an order and paid, Sofie Mathilde Koning will use your data to send your order. Your information will be put in the customer database for private operations, but will not be provided to third parties. Complaints, questions, suggestions and comments Complaints, questions, suggestions and comments can be addressed to Sofie Mathilde Koning. You can do this by e-mail: sofiemathildekoning@hotmail.com We will respond as soon as possible. All images, texts and designs are owned by Sofie Mathilde Koning No part of this website may be copied or be used elsewhere without written permission by Sofie Mathilde Koning All rights reserved