About Litographs

Litographs are prints that are created from the text of classic books. For most titles we are able to print the entire book on our 24x36" paper. We offer designs in both color and black & white, and in two sizes. In all cases, the text is sharp and fully legible. For each print you purchase, you send one book to a community in need through our partner, the IBB.Litographs helps provide books to international communities in need by upcycling excess books at home.Did you know that in 2008 publishers turned 77 million unsold books into pulp? At the same time, as education systems evolve in developing countries, students face a dire need for large quantities of new, high-quality books.As book-lovers, we know how painful it can be to clean out bookshelves to make room for new titles. Like so many others, we have tried to donate our favorite books to good causes, only to learn that the texts they need are not what we have to offer.We have worked closely with the International Book Bank to develop a strategy where we can breathe life into our old favorites while simultaneously providing new books where they are needed most. In the process, we also support independent booksellers by purchasing their old inventory.

*Shipping*In-stock items usually ship within 1-2 business days from our warehouse in New Jersey.For contemporary works, customers purchase a physical book from Litographs and your order is scanned and printed from that distinct, physical copy. Since each of these prints are custom-made, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.We offer flat-rate domestic shipping for $6.99 or international shipping based on actual costs, for unlimited prints.*Returns*We know you'll love your Litograph, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the items you receive we will happily refund your order or ship you a replacement. Please contact us at danny@litographs.com or 202-630-8382 for details about the process.If your Litograph is damaged in transit, we'll cover your return shipping costs and send you out a new print the day you contact us.