About Leah Giberson

I paint (and sometimes embroider) images of ordinary places.A little about me and my work:Since receiving my BFA in painting in 1997 from MassArt, I have made my living as a freelance flash designer and art director in Boston. In between client projects, I can be found getting my hands dirty in my painting studio, the kitchen or digging in my tiny garden.Despite all the suburban houses and scenes in my mixed media paintings, I was actually raised by artists deep in the woods of NH and currently live and work in a small, but sunny apartment with my sweetheart, 3 kids and a cat. I dream of owning my own house someday, but for now I make paintings of them and imagine the lives of those who call these places “home”. I suspect it's not always what it appears to be.By distilling these everyday scenes, I allow the encroaching shadows and awkward scale or placement that already exist to tell (what I imagine) is a truer story.