About Lauren Rolfe Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry with beautiful natural stones. Each piece is made for a specific stone and one of a kind. I grew up surrounded by jewelry and stones, with a goldsmith mother (Kathryn Wilson) and lapidary father (Gary B. Wilson). From a young age, I traveled to art shows in Michigan and Florida with my parents, who exhibited as Wilson Jewelry. After spending some time in the corporate world, I decided to go back to my roots and start my own jewelry business.As I design, I seek my mom's advice and I paw through my dad's best stones to find one of a kind pieces that will set my jewelry apart. My jewelry is all hand fabricated and most pieces cannot be reproduced exactly because of the unique qualities of the stones. My mission is to create a high quality piece of jewelry that people can't help but notice. I hope you find a piece you love and wear forever.