About Justine Brooks Design

Embarking on a nine month epic solo trip throughout the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia; Justine’s passion for researching stones, metal techniques, and design is obvious. The designer is continually creating opportunities to explore different countries in search of learning more about jewelry from around the world. Justine was invited to attend Santander Fashion Week 2008 in Colombia. In 2005 Justine had her first hands-on experience with metal when studying traditional jewelry techniques in India, based in a small Himalayan town called Manali. Justine is based in Vancouver, Canada. The artist originally worked with ceramic pendants during her studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, but a couple years later made the transition into metal. She then enrolled in Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design program to further her hands-on metal smithing techniques. Originally from Toronto, Justine made the move to Vancouver in 2003 and was immediately satisfied by the presence of the ocean. As a scuba diver and Pisces this designer is drawn to the water. In this series abstract forms and textures from nature are used to create a raw organic line. The designer is passionate about living on the West coast, and the Justine Brooks collection reflects this energy. Exploring West Coast Flora and Fauna is the main source of inspiration for Justine’s latest designs. Some examples of her organic casting choice are Gingko leaf, Bird crow skull, Mussel shell with barnacles, Sea Urchin, Seaweed from kits beach, a pinecones from Bunzten Lake, anchovy fish, and a twig. The Justine Brooks was honored to recieve Western Livings designer of Year award., "One to watch". Her work has appeared on television show Breakfast Television and Stargate Atlantis. Also watch out for a Disney production called "One for the road", featuring the peanut necklace, mussel shell ring, and pinecone penent. In 2012, the designer recieved the 'Outstanding Alumni Award' from Vancouver Community College, justfour years after she had graduated from the jewelry art and design program. Justine was interviewed on CBC radio for Fashion Monday by JJ Lee to talk about her line and how to make smart choice when purchasing local designer jewelry. A pair of JB earrings was found in each of the gift bags at the Canadian Country Music Awards 2009. She has also been interview by Flare Magazine and Vancouver Fashion Ezine. Raw, natural, and precious are qualities that give Justine Brooks Collection its signature look.

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