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find my one of kind handmade metalwork through etsy and my personal website: www.JamieSpinello.etsy.com www.JamieSpinello.com Austin, Tx

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::FAQ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ONE OF A KIND? Everything in my shop is made by me in my studio in Austin, Tx. All of my designs are one of a kind / made to order by me in my studio. Nothing is mass produced which I take great pride in. This in addition to selling my art is my only source of income, I do it everyday from the minutes (after coffee) that I wake up to the very late hours of the morning when I most of the rest of the sane public are already asleep. Picture me staying up to 4 in the morning working on something for you, please picture that before you contact me 2 days after your order and ask me where it is. The being said please read my shipping policy for my production time. - Jamie Spinello / Austin, Tx
CUSTOM ORDERS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Custom orders must be discussed up front before making a purchase. I reserve the right to reject any custom order that I do not feel fits within my production time frame or capabilities. If you do not know what you want, and come up with some vague thing please don't expect for me to be able to properly respond to you until you come up with something specific. I respond to definitive custom requests with specific imagery and design concepts and/or with visuals for reference before loosely developed ideas without any direction.
PRODUCTION TIME:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Can be up to 2-3 weeks per item ////// before shipment //////
My production ranges per item so the above generalization is a safety net. Generally my items take 2-18* business days depending on current volume of orders unless otherwise specified in listing or per conversation.
If you have a deadline please convo me BEFORE ordering, so I can let you know if your expectations can be met and what I can realistically offer in the way of turnaround times. If you don't read my policies, fail to note the ship by date on your invoice, and have not read any of my production requirements placed all over my shop, please contact me so I can issue you a refund. I don't want unrealistic expectations to cause dissatisfaction.
I might be able to accommodate rush orders ONLY IF TOLD IN ADVANCE upon checkout (for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Rushed delivery and overnight available at an extra cost ~ ask for shipping/production upgrade. Please expect for me to cancel an order if you order from me first and that ask for me to ship it out next day or two days later......No.
::::IF YOU ORDER MULTIPLE ITEMS:::::: EXPECT FOR PRODUCTION TO TAKE LONGER THAN 18 DAYS. *Also, if I am experiencing a higher volume of orders (especially around holidays) the production time could exceed my normal production times. If you have any concerns about receiving your item before a specific date, its best to discuss with me what the realistic production turn around is for multiple items, especially if you are purchasing items for a specific event.
If you are in AUSTIN,TX, then I can arrange studio/market visit in which I accept other forms of payment.Shipping??PRODUCTION TIME: Average 2-3 weeks per item ////// before shipment //////
CONTACT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I am pretty quick to respond to msgs, so if you have questions please contact me through etsy first. My email gets backed up with garbage just like everyone else's, so please contact me via supermarket so I can see you. Please avoid emailing me, so that I can make sure not to miss your message. I always respond to msgs from customers in a timely fashion, so if you msg me and for some reason you don't get a response in a day or so, please msg me again or use my email listed in your checkout note. I never intentionally leave customers hanging.
MATERIALS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::OXIDATION AND PATINAS CARE:All of the items in my shop that are oxidized have been chemically blackened, chemically patinated, or or oxidized using a torch and sealed with protective coating. Like all oxidized metals that are sealed, they are not meant to be worn in water for extended periods of time or exposed to hard chemical such as shampoos, soaps etc. To do this would essentially be compromising the sealer and washing them clean, as I said before it is an oxidation (think soot) process not paint/enamel so it needs to avoid all harsh cleansing processes. NO EXTENDED WATER CONTACT / NO EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS (no shampoos, rinses, conditioners, cleaning products)
COPPER:Copper is a pure metal, not an alloy that has been used in creating jewelry for thousands of years. Its transformative qualities have been appreciated by artisans and healers alike. Left uncoated Copper can react with the acids in the skin which leave a green stain on some, this is not an allergic reactions but a transference of chelated (excreted copper) that is being quickly dissolved in the salt and acid in the sweat. Copper is antimicrobial and doesn't harm the skin in any way. What's "antimicrobial"? An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoan's, as well as destroying viruses. Copper is also an antibacterial as well as an antifungal agent and used in the treatment of skin disease and wounds today as it was thousands of years ago. Of course thousands of years ago they didn't know all of this; they simply used it because it helped. Copper is also used in UD's for birth control because of its factors.Copper is a trace element needed for healthy growth and function of bones, collagen, the brain, the heart, the skin and immune system. Copper is contained throughout our bodies and in our hair. Copper is present in our own bodies as an essential element found in all higher life forms "At lower concentrations it is an essential trace nutrient to all higher plant and animal life. The main areas where copper is found in animals are liver, muscle and bone."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copperhttp://www.oakcitygallery.com/copper-jewelry-facts.html
MEDICINAL Copper:If you are buying my copper jewelry for medicinal purposes, please ask that I leave your pieces 'uncoated" so that the copper will be in direct contact with the skin.
COATING: I do coat all of my jewelry with either microcrystalline jewelers wax or lacquer to preserve the finish of the piece and to prevent "greening" of the skin. I don't have to coat something if you do no want something coated. Please just let me know.
CUFFS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I give a general range for sizing in the listings. It is up to each individual to measure their own wrist and give me a measurement if you do not fall within the listed range. I can accommodate any size, but I need your measurements. Please take a second to find a string or cut a piece of paper to find your measurement (wrap around until ends touch and then lay flat on ruler for measurement) For longer cuffs I need two measurements, wrist and mid forearm.
RING SIZES::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Rings come in sizes, just like pants. I need to have your ring size, please don't ask me to guess, I am not a magician. If you do not know your ring size, please take a strip of paper wrap it around your desired finger for wear and give me the measurement. If you are unsure still, I can send you a pdf for you to cut out a ring sizer to find your size.
Payment:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I currently only accept Paypal. Paypal does have a guest checkout feature for people who want to use a credit card but do not have a paypal account. You will be prompted to use guest checkout. Contact me if you need help.
SHIPPING:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I ship priority USPS domestic with tracking which is ~usually~ guaranteed 2-3 days from shipment date AFTER production. Everything I make is handmade upon receipt of payment, you are buying a one of a kind handmade piece from me, not something cranked out from a factory. If you can not wait for production or have a problem with my production times, please do not purchase from me. I go above and beyond to please every customer and create the best experience and my prices are low for the amount of time I put into each piece, please respect that making handmade items takes time and is valuable.
More on Production time / Production time VARIES per item depending on complexity of the processes required for creation. Some items can be made quickly (hence why some of feedback I have is within a week of purchase give or take), others can literally require 10+ hours (etching/chemical coloration/ sawing/fileing/tumbling) Also production requirements are subject to change if I am experiencing a high volume of orders. I am a one woman operation thats makes things from scratch ~ talk to me if you have a timeline requirement BEFORE ordering.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please Be Aware That YOUR Country May Charge You Customs Fees On Your Purchase. I Have No Control Over These Fees and I Am Not Responsible For Them. If you are not prepared to legally pay your own import taxes, please avoid ordering from my shop.
I respond to ALL customer convos ~ don't be shy. Please use the Supermarket Contact button to msg me.
Shipping/Production upgrades available upon request and receipt of upgrade purchase.Refunds and Exchanges?Refunds available minus all shipping costs only after receipt of the returned item to my studio with tracking. Damages due to wear or negligence will not be refunded, although I do offer my repair services free of charge as long as you pay for the shipping. If you had an accident with something, I am happy to help.
If you have any issues or concerns please contact me to discuss resolution options. I will go above an beyond to try to create the best experience for you in my shop. I take great pride in the items that I make and want to make sure they all have a happy home.
Exchanges are honored, but customer must pay extra shipping and any extra costs involved if it is an exchange for an item of greater value. Exchanges for different sizes are welcome, but please be prepared to pay for shipping to and from my studio back to you. Also, please try to get the specifics about what sizes you need up front before you order. If unsure, please send me a convo and I can try to help.
Additional Policies and FAQs?All orders begin processing on the following day after receipt of payment, unless discussed with me prior to ordering.
All items are handmade and most are made to order~meaning the prototype is pictured and your one of a kind custom piece is made especially for you based on my initial design. Production usually takes 2-18 business days depending on if the design you choose is currently in stock and how many items you order. ?Some items can ship out next day, but please message me to find out if the desired item is eligible for next day shipping.
Seller Information?I am a real person with calluses on my fingers, stories of accidentally catching myself on fire while creating designs, and a studio that keeps me from having any inkling of a social life. I do this for a living and because I love it, but please remember that some of us on etsy are people that work hard all day long to run our small businesses and please approach us as if you were walking into our store and talking to us face to face. I appreciate any support given, and hope that when given the choice to buy something handmade by an artisan or mass produced in china that you will choose to buy handmade. Thanks!